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        Ready to go! Let’s Make Every Effort to Polish Up the Business Card of Chemical Industry.


        On March 18, the Ministry of Commerce issued a notice, announcing that the 129th Canton Fair will be held online in mid-April. In order to make full use of this shared business opportunity, seek an important window of the times for common development, establish brand awareness, and create an exclusive business card for chemical products, Guangzhou Chemicals Import & Export Co., Ltd. is working hard to arrange related matters related to the exhibition.

        The upcoming 129th Canton Fair will be the third online exhibition that Guangzhou Chemicals Import & Export Co., Ltd. has participated in. Based on the experience of the past two exhibitions, Guangzhou Chemicals Import & Export Co., Ltd. will optimize competitive products, optimize the ranking of top products, and optimize and update the product promotion interface and broadcast room.


        According to the characteristics of eyeball economy, Guangzhou Chemicals Import & Export Co., Ltd. will adopt short videos for scenario-based story marketing by combining with the particularity of chemical products, so as to make the live broadcast personnel have chemical reactions with customers and break the barriers caused by physical barriers as well as lock the customer’s attention first before grabbing the order.

        Let’s base on the Canton Fair, rather than limit to the Canton Fair. As the outbreak of the epidemic promoted the emergence of online exhibitions and accelerated the development of e-commerce, our company will take advantage of the trend to strengthen digital marketing, accelerate digital transformation, and help market development.

        Everything is ready except one key element. Guangzhou Chemicals Import & Export Co., Ltd. firmly believes that through careful preparation in the early stage, it will shine brilliantly at the Fair, and provide better service for potential cooperative customers from all over the world, thus continuing to polish the gold-lettered signboard of Guangzhou Chemicals.



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